SmartHeat® Wireless Heat-Treating System

Team’s long history of building the most powerful, precise and durable heat-treating equipment in the world continues with the development of our advanced SmartHeat® Wireless Heat-Treating System.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Software provide the brains of Team’s SmartHeat system ensuring that piping and vessel systems are heat-treated accurately and precisely every time. The system is driven by interchangeable computers that store time and temperature information in encrypted form. Heat cycle information for up to 48 inputs is continuously saved to log files as well as redundantly to the on-board memory during the cycle and is controlled wirelessly from a single computer.

Time and temperature data can be exhibited with each machine’s thermocouples per chart or separated out and displayed as a single thermocouple per chart, which provide for better oversight and quality control on small-bore piping or single-circuit heat treatments. Job information is entered prior to heat cycle startup and the final trend chart can be delivered in printed form as well as in digital format including email, CD or USB device.

Benefits of Team’s SmartHeat® Wireless Heat-Treating System

  • Reduced Costs: Only one operator is needed to control and monitor multiple heat cycles from the complex controllers with inputs for thermocouples and heater current. Multiple units can be managed using any TeamScadaTM Software-equipped computer.
  • Enhanced Quality: Customers and Team support personnel can view real-time data from laptops, desktop computers and mobile devices on the same network. Reduced errors result when temperature requirements are verified from SmartHeat® by Team’s operation support personnel before and during heat cycles.
  • Better Record Keeping: Team’s SmartHeat® Wireless Heat-Treating System delivers clear, concise documentation for customers while guaranteeing chart accuracy. Each console includes a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with Team’s unique SCADA Software and is equipped with backup on-board memory to store heat cycle data for easy retrieval should there be any communication interruptions to the computer. Documentation is saved electronically and stored locally on Team servers making it readily available for fast retrieval for auditing purposes and/or duplication.
  • Reduced Space Requirements: Team’s SmartHeat® System’s footprint is 40% smaller than traditional equipment. Consoles can be stacked in
    tight plant locations when limited space is available. The mobile generators minimize the area needed and the noise generated as compared to the larger rigs.
  • Minimized Risk: Team’s SmartHeat® Wireless Heat-Treating System further exemplifies Team’s long-standing commitment to safe and injury-free worksites. The system streamlines the heat-treating processes, reduces equipment and labor requirements and ultimately reduces risk. The remote access control and monitoring helps to remove personnel from sensitive, congested and/or risky facility areas.

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