Concrete Repair

Deteriorating concrete structures can cause environmental as well as waste and disposal problems, increase shutdown or replacement costs and create a safety hazard for employees. TEAM utilizes state-of-the-art materials, repair methods, tools and trained technicians to repair and restore concrete surfaces and structures.

Structural Repairs

Cracks in your concrete applications can result from thermal expansion, settling or shifting, design deficiencies, substandard concrete, and improper pouring or curing of the concrete during initial construction. TEAM has several unique methods for making structural repairs and restoring integrity to load-bearing concrete structures or steel reinforced concrete.

Injection Method

Two-component epoxies or special urethane resins are either injected or poured into cracks. Inside the crack, chemical and mechanical bonding occurs within the concrete itself. This bonding has strength similar to welding.

Spall Repair

Random spalling is the result of the freeze/thaw cycle, ground shifting, rebar corrosion, exposure to corrosive elements, or improper installation of concrete during original construction. Materials used for this type of repair include two-component, epoxy-based mortars that utilize silica and/or aggregate, polymer-modified cements or hydraulic cements, as well as additional materials specific to the customer’s repair needs.

Overlays and Toppings

Overlays and toppings are required on surfaces where scaling has taken place due to poor concrete composition, chemical attack, impaction or traffic wear. Surface preparation for these types of repairs may include water or sandblasting, acid etching and the application of primers.

Expansion Joints

While being built, every structure should be able to accommodate expansion and contraction. Sometimes, however, what was originally put in place to prevent cracking and spalling just isn’t enough. Forces not planned for in the original design, such as excessive shear, subsidence, or excessive traffic, can and will cause integrity failure. TEAM has the capability to install new joints quickly – in most cases before your plant’s productivity is impacted. We are able to design a wide array of expansion joints using epoxies, cold tar epoxies, polyurethanes, polysulfides, silicone, ethylene vinyl acetate (or EVA) and others.

Leak Stoppage

Whether by injecting a polyurethane grout or an epoxy, TEAM will immediately seal your leak before significant damage can occur to either concrete or the reinforcing steel within it.

Soil Stabilization

TEAM offers two effective and unique solutions for stabilizing your facility’s soil

  • Chemical Grouting
    This technique requires the injection of chemical grouts into the soil or around the entire mass in order to achieve full stabilization. When injected, the grouts “solidify” the surrounding soils thereby increasing compressive strengths, filling the voids among the soil particles, and preventing the passage of liquids. This technique may also be used to increase load-bearing capacity, to create impenetrable barriers, to insulate shear walls or to isolate hazardous waste.
  • Particulate Grouting
    This method of grouting is utilized when soil is not present, usually due to a flow of water carrying off the soil. As a result, voids that are left under, around or adjacent to a structure will cause subsidence or settling, thereby causing load bearing members to crack or delaminate the surrounding concrete. TEAM has had great success using this grouting solution for base foundations, washouts, rock fissures, voids in concrete, foundation leveling and tiebacks.

Coatings and Linings

Your facility’s storage vessels, both above and below grade, require back-up systems – protection against their contents or secondary containment in the event of their failure. Depending on your system’s specific requirements, TEAM provides the following coatings and linings:

  • Epoxy, novalac, vinylester and polyester coatings
  • Corrosion-control polyurethanes and epoxy systems
  • Reinforced systems
  • Liners
  • Polyureas

TEAM can help your company:

  • Identify structural concrete repair needs on a prioritized basis for predictive and planned maintenance
  • Repair cracks before they become a bigger issue
  • Determine the best and most cost-effective way to repair any concrete damage within your facility 

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