Field Machining

Dismantling of process equipment is sometimes impossible and often uneconomical. Enter field machining. Repair takes place on a piece of equipment without the need to strip it out and move it to a repair facility. This can lead to great time and cost savings. The repair workshop is taken to the client rather than the other way around.

TEAM Industrial Services’ field machining services enable cost-effective modification and repair of a variety of parts and equipment on site and in-place 24-hours a day. Ideal for new construction projects, modifications, planned shutdowns and emergency repairs, our comprehensive equipment has the capacity to mill, bore, trepan, drill or carry out any other machining activity normally associated with a machining workshop.

TEAM carries one of the largest in-stock supplies of field machining equipment in the world. Additionally, we custom design and fabricate specialty equipment to handle a number of challenges. All machines are pneumatically and hydraulically powered for use in plant environments where intrinsically safe operations are mandatory.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to field machining. Our highly-trained team is dedicated to formulating a repair procedure that minimizes downtime and ensures quality repair.

TEAM can help your company:

  • Offer precise, turnkey services with minimum dismantling required
  • Provide compact tools for tight, cramped locations
  • Enable simultaneous jobs with multiple tools and sizes
  • Save time, reduces costs compared to offsite services
  • Conduct work in remote locations
  • Improve repair accuracy and efficiency with our laser and optical measurement systems
  • Utilize stocked mobile shops with advanced machines for fast, efficient cutting, beveling and lathing 

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