Visual Inspection

Remote Digital Video Inspection (RDVI™) utilizes highly skilled and experienced remote digital video inspectors, deploying a wide array of video borescopes, remote operated cameras, robotic crawlers, and specialized tooling to deliver clear concise visual data. This inspection method enables visual inspection of nearly every plant system and component without confined space entry or costly disassembly. All RDVI activities are performed by Quest Integrity, a TEAM company, and supported with comprehensive detailed reports that include all pertinent data points and images to document asset health.

RDVI also facilitates foreign object search and retrieval (FOSAR). Skilled technicians equipped with robotic cameras and extraction tools can help to insure your systems and equipment are free of foreign object debris (FOD). Foreign materials endanger plant efficiency, operability and safety by disturbing water chemistry and posing a significant threat to rotating machinery.

TEAM and Quest Integrity can help your company:

  • Reduce confined space entry
  • Minimize operational and safety risk
  • Reduce a lockout/tagout profile
  • Reduce or eliminate equipment disassembly
  • Improve documentation
  • Increase inspection coverage
  • Enhance repeatability


TEAM NDE / NDT Inspection Overview Brochure

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