Composite Repair

Engineered composite repairs have matured into a key tool for managing the in-service integrity of pressurised components. TEAM remains at the heart of the development and standardisation of this technology. Our current focus is on bringing reliability and traceability to repairs, controlling every step of the delivery process to give solutions that can be relied upon with confidence. 

ASME PCC-2 and ISO 24817 set out the key requirements for the engineered repairs but they need expert assessment and understanding to ensure they are complied with.  TEAM has been involved in the development of these standards since their inception and our processes have been built so that compliance can be assured.  This has enabled us to secure Type Approvals from third parties such as ABS and Lloyds Register.  Our expertise ensures you get the repairs you are looking for.

Common applications include water lines, oil lines and gas lines both on and offshore.  Our experience extends from transmission pipelines to tanks, vessels and various structural applications (such as decks on ships and offshore).  Repair sizes range from small, local patches to refurbishment of entire systems (including valves, flanges and supports). 

The TEAM organization brings added value to the repairs.  We can assess each case to identify whether a composite repair or mechanical solution is best suited to the problem and ensure the right option is proposed.  We can provide detailed analysis of challenging defects such as pipeline dents and cracking.  Once in service, we can support through collation and assessment of inspection data.

To provide the best service, we make use of both in-house and third party repair systems that comply with the qualification requirements of the reference standards.  We run repair calculations through our own engineering teams but can also provide checking of third party calculations where required.  Our technicians are trained to apply systems used and their experience is tracked to enable us to verify their competence.  Installation documentation is retained enabling us to re-validate repairs as fit for purpose in future.

TEAM is committed to extending the understanding of repair performance and actively support independent test programs as well as joint programs with operators to support solutions to specific problems.  Our objective is to be your partner in integrity, from assessment, through selection and installation to management in service. 

TEAM can help your company:

  • Conduct permanent repairs
  • Maximize your equipments longevity
  • Focus on structural strengthening 
  • Mimize the impact to productivity
  • Prevent expensive shutdowns by providing safe, controlled on site and on stream leak repairs
  • Utilize composite fiberglass and carbon fiber technology for proven, cost effective and reliable repairs
  • Provide flexibility in field applications due to fast and custom cure cycle times of composite reinforcements



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