XTR Data Logger

The XTR data logger is the latest advancement in digital temperature data collection. It features a 12-inch touchscreen for operation and includes twenty-four inputs for logging temperature data as well as networking capabilities. It is powered by standard 120-volt power and includes our TEAMScada View software for viewing and printing trend charts.

Features and Benefits

  • 12-inch touchscreen user interface
  • Twenty-four Type K thermocouple inputs
  • Can be controlled from local touchscreen or remotely via a password protected web page on a networked computer
  • Color-coded indicators across all user screens to facilitate identifications and meaning
  • Calibration certificate expiration warning and lockout to prevent use of equipment with expired documentation
  • Capable of being operated in English or Spanish
  • The free TEAMScada View software allows users to view log files that are downloaded to a USB flash drive or networked computer (using the TEAMScada Downloader) to create trend charts and either print or save in a PDF format
  • Intuitive interface reduces training time and operator error
  • Ability to operate the data logger locally or remotely allows greater flexibility of operation
  • A password-protected remote log-in ensures access to the system only by authorized users
  • Multiple screen views available for viewing temperature data based on the user’s preference
  • Log files create historical data of charts that can be saved which has never been possible with strip chart recorders
  • Allows temperature data from analog equipment to be saved and used in a digital format
  • Ability to save charts in PDF format allows them to be easily shared via email or USB flash drive

XTR Software & Documentation

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