Bolted Joint Integrity Services

Unfortunately, catastrophes have happened due to poor bolted joint integrity management.  Flanges have failed causing millions of dollars in damage and a preventable fatalities. In one case, an improperly outfitted connector leaked even after passing a leak test, which ultimately caused an explosion.  The risk is great. Surprisingly, however, most major companies still operate without a comprehensive and current set of policies, processes and procedures in place related to bolted joints.

TEAM Industrial Services' bolted joint integrity services go beyond just tightening the joint. Our comprehensive program offering provides analysis, development of procedures, engineering support, training, inspections and more. This includes proper training and competency management, utilization of the right tools and components, and the development of a set of processes and procedures to ensure each step along the way is clear, concise, and repeatable throughout company facilities. 

TEAM’s internal procedures are ASME PCC-1 compliant assuring that we perform all bolting activity from break out, inspection and assembly to the tightening in accordance with a well-defined standard and industry accepted standard.  Additionally, TEAM can provide Joint Integrity Engineers to manage all items related to flange management as well as certified Joint Integrity Inspectors to support TEAM’s work or the work of any contractor on site.

TEAM can help your company:

  • Complete review of all clients procedures and benchmark against relevant standards and best in class peers
  • Develop best in class procedures and processes for clients covering execution, management and inspection based
  • Provide access to some of the world's best PHD engineering resources to support troubleshooting and solving any leak issues
  • Utilize the world's leading flange management software
  • Provide certified Joint Integrity Engineers to manage all items related to flange management during CAPEX and OPEX events
  • Support TEAM technicians or other on-site contractors with ASME PCC-1 and ASNTC-1 VT Certified Joint Integrity Inspectors
  • Setup mobile and modularized training programs
  • Perform all bolting activity including break out, assembly and tightening of all BFJA's
  • Provide post closure inspection and bolt load validation work of all bolting jobs



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