XTX Heat Treating Console

The XTX Sixway control console is the most advanced heat treatment console in the industry. It delivers the latest in digital control and data collection, featuring a 10-inch touchscreen that combines the controllers, recorder and programmer into one device. The XTX provides six independently controlled, low voltage, high current outputs that precisely control the work piece temperature and provide the ultimate option for virtually any heat treatment application.

Features and Benefits

  • 10-inch touchscreen user interface with all of the standard Sixway functional safeties
  • Can be controlled from the local touchscreen or remotely via a password protected web page on a networked computer
  • Eight softkeys for easy menu access from any screen view
  • Color-coded indicators across all program screens to facilitate identification and meaning
  • Capable of sixteen saved heat cycle programs
  • Onboard Help feature instantly aids users with any program feature
  • The XTX system has the versatility of being operated in either English or Spanish
  • Six control and six monitor thermocouples
  • The free Team SCADA View software allows users to view log files that are downloaded to a USB flash drive to create trend charts and either print or save in PDF format
  • Intuitive interface reduces training time and operator error
  • Ability to operate the machine locally or remotely allows greater flexibility of operation
  • A password-protected remote log-in ensures access to the system only by authorized users
  • All program information is easily viewable on one screen rather than scrolling through menu options on a controller which reduces the potential for incorrect or missed settings
  • Ability to save charts in PDF format allows them to be easily shared via email or USB flash drive 
  • Log files create historical data of charts that can be saved which has never been possible with strip chart recorders
  • Ability to save charts in PDF format allows them to be easily shared via email or USB flash drive
  • The XTX Sixway includes the same safety features that are built into all TEAM heat treatment consoles as well as additional warning features to help immediately identify potential problems such as reversed or missing thermocouple inputs

Simple Interface
Menus are simple to navigate by using the buttons on the screen or the softkeys on the display. The LED-backlit touchscreen makes it easy to view all information regardless of the environment in which it is operated.
Easy to Program
Zones can be programmed individually or copied to other zones to save time. Saving commonly used programs can further facilitate the ease of programming repetitive jobs.
Real Time Data Access
Viewing all six zones at a glace allows the operator to easily monitor and control the progress of all running jobs. Any set alarm conditions are easily identifies for immediate action.
Downloadable Log Files
Printed charts can be configured with multiple options including orientation, time interval and which pens to display. The hard-coded job information in the header ensures data integrity for traceability of performed jobs.

XTX Software & Documentation

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