Specialty Welding

TEAM is one of the leading global providers of specialty welding services. From concept and engineering to project planning and execution, our professionals deliver solutions for a broad spectrum of component and process equipment. For us, it's about more than just a weld. It's about ensuring that every weld's integrity equats to reliable and safe operations. Our trained technicians combine decades of welding experience with the latest technology to deliver safe, high-quality welding and related services across a wide variety of applications and industries. From carbon steel to exotic alloys and overlays, TEAM puts safety, efficiency and quality into every weld to help keep your projects on time and on budget. 

Quality Programs 

All TEAM welders are certified to ASME Section IX. TEAM is authorized by The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors for the repair of nuclear components, boilers and other pressure- containing components. 

  • NR stamp 
  • VR stamp 
  • R stamp 
  • ASME Section IX and API 1104 or AWS D1.1 when required

Welding Processes

TEAM's welders are qualified to perform a wide variety of welding processes using equipment technology ranging from manual to fully automated delivery systems. Methods include: 

  • GTAW
  • SMAW
  • P-GMAW 
  • GMAW
  • FCAW
  • SAW

TEAM can help your company with:

  • On-site valve repairs 
  • Hard surfacing upgrades (valves, stems, seats) 
  • Turbine steam-chest seat repairs 
  • Tube-to-tube sheet overhauls 
  • Boiler and furnace tube repairs 
  • Heavy-wall narrow groove welding 
  • Pump and nozzle overlay/cladding 
  • Heavy-wall pipe welding 
  • P91, P92 and super duplex power piping 
  • Flange face cladding 
  • In-service welding of fittings and reinforcement sleeves 
  • Other high-purity welding applications

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