Tube Inspection

Tube Inspections accurately examine heat exchanger tubes to detect damage or defects wherein ensuring the tubes are safe to continue use.  TEAM provides a comprehensive inspection program consisting of multiple tube inspection techniques to determine the integrity of your heat exchangers.

Eddy Current Testing (ET) 

Our standard Eddy Current Testing is ideal for nonferrous materials such as heat exchanger tubes, condensers, boilers, tubing and aircraft surfaces. TeamQualspec’s ET uses electromagnetic induction to detect flaws in conductive materials, displaying the presence of very small cracks, pits, dents and general thinning.

Remote Field Testing (RFT)  

Our RFT is utilized to inspect ferromagnetic tubing. Extremely sensitive to wall thickness variation with near equal sensitivity to inside and outside surfaces, RFT does not have the "skin effect” difficulties that conventional eddy currents have when inspecting ferromagnetic materials.

Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) 

Our MFL inspection is an ideal way to inspect large ferromagnetic steel surfaces such as storage tank floors. When a magnetic field is passed through the steel, flux leakage caused by pitting and corrosion on the underside of the floor is detected by MFL sensors in the scanning unit and displayed for the operator. MFL is also used on ferromagnetic heat exchanger tubing and process piping as a screening technique for wall loss.

TEAM can help your company:

  • Determine the longevity and safety of your heat exchangers
  • Improve documentation
  • Increase inspection coverage


TEAM NDE / NDT Inspection Overview Brochure

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