Freeze Stop

The freeze stop is an economical and non-intrusive method used to isolate piping systems. No permanent modification, mechanical work or welding to the piping system is required. Branch connections can be easily shut off without putting the main line out of service.

Three basic conditions are required in order to conduct a successful freeze stop:

  1. The product in the line must be freezable
  2. The line must be full of product
  3. There cannot be any flow in the line

TEAM can help your company:

  • Eliminate risk of dripping liquid during welding operations once the piece downstream of the plug is dried.
  • Eliminate bulk transfer and storage of toxic or corrosive liquids since only a very small amount of liquid needs collecting when a pipe is opened after it’s plugged cryogenically.
  • Minimize the amount of expensive liquids lost (thus saving you money). 



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