Line Stops

Successful line stops are the key to continued safe and effective operations of platforms, pipelines, and process facilities. A single line stop can be used to stop and abandon a shutdown. Two or more line stops can be used in tandem to isolate and bypass many intersecting lines at once. Fluid in the line is bypassed, leaving a workable dead section to alter, repair or add a valve while the line remains in service.

TEAM is the global leader in line stopping, servicing lines for over 70 years. We offer line stops for low, medium and high pressure piping systems as well as vacuum piping. TEAM’s line stopping services assist during tie-ins, relocations, repairs, retrofits and routine maintenance. We own and operate a large and diverse inventory of line stop machines that are capable of providing safe and effective stops without shutting down or interrupting your line’s flow.

Our line-stopping technology offers unique solutions for your most challenging projects. With decades of experience working on pressurized systems, from initial site survey through engineering assessment and preparation, TEAM’s line stop services are positioned to exceed your maintenance requirements and expectations.

TEAM can help your company:

  • Eliminate shutdowns or service interruptions
  • Modify or repair a pressurized pipeline in a safe, expedient and cost effective manner
  • Prevent emissions and loss of product
  • Eliminate the need to blow down miles of line in between valves
  • Offer custom service solutions
  • Ensure fast delivery of resources to your job site
  • Eliminate sediment fallout and pipe damage which result from de-pressurization



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