Advanced QA/QC Processes

Quality assurance (QA) and quality controls (QC) play a major role in compliance and safety protocols. Your monitoring program should include procedures to ensure QA/QC review of all data generated on a daily basis or at the conclusion of each monitoring episode. However, total LDAR quality cannot be determined from data alone.

TEAM’s advanced QA/QC processes ensure the accuracy of inventory, monitoring and repair that features field assessments and a clear audit trail. Formalized quality programs and manuals help ensure compliance every step of the way.  Activities, processes and responsibilities matrixes are developed to meet specific customer requirements.

TEAM can help your company:

  • Develop and maintain an accurate component inventory
  • Create a monitoring schedule
  • Provide comparative monitoring
  • Meet compliance with initial monitoring requirements
  • Stay in compliance with follow-up monitoring
  • Analyze Method 21 monitoring results
  • Review timeliness and effectiveness of repairs
  • Review record keeping and evaluation processes
  • Analyze corrective actions and root cause

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